Missing Pokemon TCG

5.16.2017 : Constantly under construction and subject to update.  I am currently sorting through my entire card collection to put things into their individual sets so I can record them - after doing so, I come here and put in the cards that I'm missing from each set. This is a long, arduous and time-consuming process resulting in this entry, which will be edited accordingly.
5.16.2017 : Added missing Base Set Cards.

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Pokemon Card Duplicates for Trade

These are my duplicates, not the cards from my personal collection - I'm willing to offer any quantity of them for trades.
They are also only pulled from the cards I have with me in college - when I return home, this post will be updated with hundreds and hundreds of other cards that I have for trade.

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things are hard!!

i am so not used to the livejournal format, haha!!
but i got accepted to the rhode island school of design yesterday, so thats a kool thing!
ANYWAYS no one really cares about this stuff, but its really bothering me to see this empty space on my profile thingy, so i thought id drop a little blurb in :')